Exhaust Systems

A stainless steel exhaust system will last for many years so it's important to choose the right one for your car.

We at TopGear Specialist Cars recognise the importance of helping owners meet their individual requirements by offering a wide range of exhaust systems to suit everything from classic to modern, from thoroughbred to pure indulgence.

Whether the object is longevity, performance upgrade or just to enhance the exhaust note, we have over three decades of experience to draw from. Add all this to the manufacturers 25-year corrosion guarantee and you can rest assured your car will be looking good for a long time to come.

TopGear Specialist Cars offer two ranges of performance enhancing stainless exhausts:

Sports Systems

An accurate external replica of the original exhaust but with free-flow internals giving better throttle response, a pleasant increase in volume and better effciency*. Most drivers will enjoy this system for regular use and it will pass scrutineering at track days.

Supersports System

Has smaller straight through silencers for even better flow, less weight form the rear of the car*, even better response** and a wonderful sound with even more volume. The designers have worked to produce the distinctive 50's sound with the volume increasing considerably with the revs.

We can supply and fit stainless steel exhausts for a wide range of cars. If you would like a quotation please contact Topgear specialist cars on 01501 763800.

Wheels and Tyres

TopGear Specialist Cars offer a range of stylish high performance wheels, and wheel/tyre combinations

  • STS North Star

  • STM Evolution

  • Berhilago Jupiter

  • DTM Onyx

  • DTS GT

All wheels are 3 piece split rims with stainless steel outer rims. Spoke ares are full polish. The wheels are supplied with 24 caret gold plated rim bolts and valve covers. The wheel is chrome plated, so no peeling lacquer!

Please contact Topgear Specialist Cars on 01501 763800 for details of sizes, fittings and avialability